The Center



The CENTER FOR MECHANICAL & ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY (CMEST) provides a link between the Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) and private industries and governmental agencies. The vision of CMEST is twofold:

  • Provide a supportive university research environment for faculty and students. 

  • Provide an effective conduit for technology transfer of the results of university-based research to private industries and to governmental agencies.

The related mission of CMEST is fourfold:

  • Provide research and development support to local, regional, and national companies and governmental agencies in the areas of computational and experimental fluid mechanics and dynamics, aerodynamics, acoustics, and vibration as they relate to the analysis, design, and development of:
    - HVAC system components, 
    - Mechanical products, and 
    - Related manufacturing processes.

  • Conduct airflow, sound, and vibration tests for local, regional, and national companies and governmental agencies according to relevant industrial, national, and international standards and provide other related laboratory support to these companies and agencies.

  • Utilize experimental, analytical, and computation methods that are developed within the university community in innovative ways to expand the state-of-the-art in areas of research and development that are undertaken by CMEST. 

  • Develop innovative ways to transfer new technology that is developed within CMEST to local, regional, and national companies and governmental agencies in a manner that can be effectively and easily utilized.

CMEST supports funded research from private industries, industry associations that support funded research, and appropriate funding sources within local, state, and federal governmental agencies.